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Market Analysis Quick Class: 
The 3 P's of Real Estate Investing Success
  • Want to solve problems through your real estate transactions?
  • What to earn top dollar for your properties… no matter what type of strategy you use?
  • Want to know how to serve other people so they’ll refer you business?
You’re Going to Have to Learn to Accurately Interpret Your Market!
So… how do you determine the market to invest in that's right for you and your goals?
It boils down to knowing… 
1. The PEOPLE you’re working with them and if they are the right people in the first place

2. The PROPERTIES you want to invest in (which means you really need to know your WHY)

3. The PRICING you will offer on properties once you’ve done your research right

This 3 P’s of Real Estate Investing Success Video-Delivered Quick Class gives you the know-how you need to determine these key areas in your market research.
3 Lessons… About 3 Hours of Your Time…
Hey, your time is valuable. 

You want to learn the most you can in the shortest amount of time… so you can get out there and do deals, right?

When you’ve found a property that you think might be worth making an offer on, understanding the 3 P’s of Real Estate Investing Success is going to help you make better decisions. It will save you time, money and effort, too!

To make the best decisions means learning to analyze the people, properties and pricing in any deal. Otherwise you can make mistakes and you might make offers you shouldn’t… or worse yet you might offer too much for properties!!

There’s no worse feeling to know you’ve left money on the table when you didn’t have to.

This Quick Class is designed to teach you how to find and interpret market data so you can avoid costly mistakes and missteps.

Broken into 3 easy-to-digest parts, this course lets you go at your own pace. Watch each of the videos more than once, because each time you do you’ll get more out of the information until you understand every bit of the data you need to consider when analyzing deals. 
What You’ll Learn Can Be LITERALLY Life-Changing…
If you’ve ever taken any REI Wealth Academy training, you already know you’re in for massive information that you can use right away to put more money in your pocket.
That’s the way all our training is created… and for good reason.

The more you learn the more you’ll earn. (And then you’ll tell all your friends, right?)

In this amazing 3-part 3 P’s of Real Estate Investing Success Video-Delivered Quick Class you’ll learn so much about analyzing the people, property and pricing in every deal that you’ll want to go over the materials a few times just to make sure you get every drop…

While the strategy we discuss in this Quick Class focuses in part on short sales, you can apply what you learn to ANY deal!!

NOTE: We’re not advocating for you to do short sales. It just happens to be one way we take down properties… but only one way!! 
You will learn the how to assess the people involved in a deal.
  • How to find people who are willing to work with you… maybe even those willing to carry all or part of the deal
  • How to look at the demographics in the neighborhood where the property is located
  • Why you need to understand who the seller is and who your buyers are… and who comes first
  • How to speak with sellers and buyers… and even investors if you need financial backing
  • How to find and speak the same language as a good agent who can be your advocate
You will learn what to look at when assessing if a property 
is a good deal for you or not. 
  • How to look at and interpret the information you see in property reports
  • What stats to look at, like unit mix and configurations, market pricing, and more…
  • How to interpret the numbers and if they will work for you or it’s a property to pass on
  • How to determine if the property falls within profitable market trends
  • How to make your properties so appealing that you can flip it fast as a wholesaler or flipper… or get tenants in who will stay over the long haul if you are investing to hold onto the property
  • The questions to ask when interpreting data
  • Why making purchases in a down market can actually be opportunities
  • How to speak to property managers and leasing agents to get to the truth
You get a better understanding of what goes into your pricing in any deal. (There’s more to it than meets the eye.)
  • How to figure the costs that go into any deal (so you can make the best offer for you)
  • Why knowing who you are as an investor is important when interpreting data
  • Why the age of the property is important in your investing decisions
  • How to determine acceptable income-to-expense ratios before making your offer
  • What to consider in making improvements to your properties for continued growth
  • What is your data set… and where that data is coming from in the first place
  • How to find out why trends are being affected and who might be affecting them
  • How to figure out the markets that are right for your type of deals – for example, distressed properties and how you can find them
And this is just a start of what you’ll learn in this 3-Part Video Training!! 
Don’t Skip a Minute of These Lessons!
Taking all 3 parts of this Quick Class will tell you why you need to narrow your market(s) so you can build a great income participating in real estate deals. Whether you want to wholesale, fix-n-flip, invest in properties to rent them out and make consistent cashflow… every strategy requires understanding the basics of the 3 P’s of Real Estate Investing Success.

Your success boils down to how well you know your market(s), which means you need to learn how analyze the people involved, the properties best suited to your needs, and the pricing so you can make the best offers that bring you the greatest returns.

If you don’t know how to find and interpret data in any given market, and if you don’t know your customers and the other people involved in your deals… you won’t reach success as quickly as you would if you understand the 3 P’s. (How will you share what you have to offer if you don’t have a full and accurate picture in the first place?)
Get this Quick Class now… Spend time with the videos. Take notes. Repeat.  

That’s the formula for your Real Estate Investing Success!!

Hey, that’s how we became successful, so learn from our mistakes, our journey, our information and our experience as real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We turned our lives around doing deals in real estate.

Now it’s your turn!!

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